Exuma Bahamas Real Estate For Sale

Exuma property is available for sale on a variety of islands, from secluded private islands to oceanfront condominiums. Buying real estate on Exuma can help you create a dream Caribbean lifestyle. The island is home to more than 300 different islands, and properties range from modest bungalows to luxurious hilltop villas.

Exuma is a gem of the Bahamas archipelago and is poised for major growth. Club Peace & Plenty, located on Elizabeth Harbour, offers dockage on both sides of the pond, as well as room for future marina development. With a growing population and more investment capital coming to the island, Exuma is the ideal place to own a property.

Property on Exuma is available at affordable prices. The island’s low-cost climate and business-friendly laws make it a great place for non-Bahamians to buy real estate. Non-Bahamians can purchase both developed and undeveloped property. Some properties may require permits or certificates depending on their value.

exuma bahamas real estate The Emerald Bay resort on the island of Great Exuma was opened by Sandals Resorts International in 2010 and boasts sugar white sand beaches, crystal clear water and stunning views of Stocking Island. As the hotel chain has become more popular, Exuma property prices have increased. There are also several smaller properties being developed on the island. A developer named Exuma Island Property is constructing two-storey waterfront apartments for sale.

The Grand Isle resort is located in Exuma and provides financial, citizenship, and tax benefits to its owners. Besides being a great place to own a home, Exuma also offers a number of recreational activities. The island is also a popular destination for diving and sloop racing. The island’s natural harbour is ideal for boating. The natural harbour includes a seaplane hangar, deep water docks, and boat ramps.

Another Exuma property that is up for sale is the historic Club Peace & Plenty hotel. The club has attracted celebrity visitors, British royalty, and loyal return vacationers for decades. It is also home to a luxury private residence and spa. The property can be rented out three months of the year.

The Luxury Home On Pristine Beach sleeps up to 10 guests. It is close to Jolly Hall Beach, the Salt Pond, and Blow Hole Beach. The One Of A Kind Property Breathtaking Views is another excellent option. This property features four bedrooms and provides access to water sports equipment.
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